Thursday, 15 March 2012

Anne of Green Gables -- L. M. Montgomery

ISBN: 0141323744

I thought it was time I reviewed another classic. This novel is simply delightful; it is full of charm and sparks of life that cannot fail to bring one joy. Montgomery's characters, particularly the eponymous Anne, are instant gloominess dispellers with their quick-fire wit and beautiful naivety.

Though written for children, Anne of Green Gables, is a social satire which will bring amusement to any age, perhaps more so as we get older. It is Anne herself, though, who I find most captivating. As we watch her grow in stature and wisdom, we fall for her all the more. This good-hearted girl cannot help getting into trouble, but usually manages to talk her way out of it.

We are presented with a heroine who is as imaginative as Montgomery herself and who weaves castles in the air that we feel we could leap right into. Though Anne, as well as other characters, always learn something through their misadventures, this is not a book that feels preachy, and we delight in the playful revelry.

The scenery of this book, too, is just beautiful. Montgomery captures rural Canada at the turn of the century with such detail that we can almost feel the blossom of the trees against our fingertips and smell the bread baking in Marilla's oven. This is a book that makes it feel like perpetual springtime.

Rating: 8/10

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